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every month is bike month at Commonwheels

Come celebrate the last day of Bike “Month” at a Commonwheels open house, Tuesday from 6-9. We’ll have all our stands up, with bikes likely spilling out into the parking lot, the street, the city, the world…

Expect a visit from Boston’s newest mobile bike repair shop, Rolling Wrench. He’s got his whole set up on a bike trailer. So bring your tough questions to an actual mechanic.

And hey, it’s time to summer-ize your ride, now that June is around the corner. Maybe you’d like to clean your whip off after that two weeks of rain we’ve had? We’ll have our rags and lube and simple clean ready. Maybe you need to attach a beer can holder to the downtube? We’ll have the welder out. Bring your projects.

The door’s wide open.

Tuesday Open Shop!

Hey Commonwheelers, it seems as if the rains have subsided, and to all those left on Earth: you’re invited over to the coop again to hang out for another Tuesday Open Shop. We aren’t structuring a class this time, but have plenty of projects to put up on the stands, and even more projects in the works.

Do you have a stuck seat post that you need help unsticking? Do you have a dumpster bike that needs recabling? Do you have two frames you’d like to weld together to make a tall bike? Bring it by!

Do you want to help work on multi-lingual bike presentations; like fix-a-flat, bike commuting 101/102, or wipe & lube? Do you want to organize rides for our Commonwheels Ride Series? Maybe help out with our upcoming Bike-in-Movie-a-thon?

Come by tomorrow, let’s get the wheels spinning…


Joe built his tall bike at Commonwheels

Open Shop tonight, celebrate a rainy bike week with CW!

"in new england, there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing." No, that's wrong, there is definitely such thing as bad weather.

We’re once again opening up our shop TONIGHT, this Tuesday night, 6:30ish until 9:30ish, and you’re invited over; to throw your whip on a stand for a wipe & lube, wrench around a bit, swap out some parts, weld on a new head badge, or just relax and soak in all the spinning wheels and shifting gears…

Last week was a busy one: we converted a fixie, built a tall bike, and put two long-running projects together and pedaling. If you’re in need of a project bike, we’ve got the frames and used parts for you! (really, they’re just cluttering our basement)

so, as a wet and rainy Bike Week is upon us, why not come by our shop and talk bikes over some beers?  The one to arrive in the best rain gear gets a free beer and $10 certificate to Wheelworks (judging will be done by show-of-hands… 🙂

Ride Easy!

Our blog’s on a brief hiatus — Look for updates on Facebook

Hey bikelophiles, this is just a note to say the Commonwheels blog is undergoing a brief vacation, and will return with regular and even extended postings around May 16th, just in time for Boston Bike Month.   However, you can follow us on Facebook for events, open shop hours, and awesome photos of people working on their bikes.  Search for “Commonwheels Bicycle Co-Op” or hit this link, and be sure to LIKE us to keep updated on our bike happenings.