Open Shop tonight, celebrate a rainy bike week with CW!

"in new england, there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing." No, that's wrong, there is definitely such thing as bad weather.

We’re once again opening up our shop TONIGHT, this Tuesday night, 6:30ish until 9:30ish, and you’re invited over; to throw your whip on a stand for a wipe & lube, wrench around a bit, swap out some parts, weld on a new head badge, or just relax and soak in all the spinning wheels and shifting gears…

Last week was a busy one: we converted a fixie, built a tall bike, and put two long-running projects together and pedaling. If you’re in need of a project bike, we’ve got the frames and used parts for you! (really, they’re just cluttering our basement)

so, as a wet and rainy Bike Week is upon us, why not come by our shop and talk bikes over some beers?  The one to arrive in the best rain gear gets a free beer and $10 certificate to Wheelworks (judging will be done by show-of-hands… 🙂

Ride Easy!

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  1. What are your hours?

  2. C U soon

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