Tuesday Open Shop!

Hey Commonwheelers, it seems as if the rains have subsided, and to all those left on Earth: you’re invited over to the coop again to hang out for another Tuesday Open Shop. We aren’t structuring a class this time, but have plenty of projects to put up on the stands, and even more projects in the works.

Do you have a stuck seat post that you need help unsticking? Do you have a dumpster bike that needs recabling? Do you have two frames you’d like to weld together to make a tall bike? Bring it by!

Do you want to help work on multi-lingual bike presentations; like fix-a-flat, bike commuting 101/102, or wipe & lube? Do you want to organize rides for our Commonwheels Ride Series? Maybe help out with our upcoming Bike-in-Movie-a-thon?

Come by tomorrow, let’s get the wheels spinning…


Joe built his tall bike at Commonwheels

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