every month is bike month at Commonwheels

Come celebrate the last day of Bike “Month” at a Commonwheels open house, Tuesday from 6-9. We’ll have all our stands up, with bikes likely spilling out into the parking lot, the street, the city, the world…

Expect a visit from Boston’s newest mobile bike repair shop, Rolling Wrench. He’s got his whole set up on a bike trailer. So bring your tough questions to an actual mechanic.

And hey, it’s time to summer-ize your ride, now that June is around the corner. Maybe you’d like to clean your whip off after that two weeks of rain we’ve had? We’ll have our rags and lube and simple clean ready. Maybe you need to attach a beer can holder to the downtube? We’ll have the welder out. Bring your projects.

The door’s wide open.

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