Announcing our July Sunday Ride Series

What’s up C-wheelers?  We say that every month is bike month at Commonwheels, so we’re gonna need a new term for July, something along the lines of Mega-Bike-Month, The Once and Future Bike Month, Bike Month XTREME!, or The Bike Month That Shall Not Be Named – we’re open to suggestions.  The point is, our calendar for July is stuffed to the gills with bike events, including our new Sunday Ride Series! Every Sunday from the July 10th to the July 31st, we’ll be going for a nice, leisurely ride leaving from Commonwheels.

For our first ride, Corina will lead us out to Walden Pond for a dip.  Details below.  We’ll see you there!

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Hi all,

My name is Corina and I am your friendly CommonWheels Coop bike ride organizer for the July 10th Allston-Walden Pond-Minuteman-Allston bike ride.

Here is the itinerary:

Mile 0 – 4 pm depart Allston
Mile 14 – 5:30 DeCordova sculpture park visit (30 min)
Mile 15 – 6:15 Walden Pond rest and dip (60-90 min)
Mile 18 – 6:45 Concord Ice Cream Stop (20 min)
Mile 23 – 7:30 Bedford water and rest stop at minuteman (10 min)
Mile 28 – 8:00 Lexington station catch your breath stop
Mile 38 – 9:00 Allston arrival, let the party begin!


The Route:

Commonwheels Coop experts will be available from 3pm for any last minute tire pumping and/or minor adjustments prior to departure. Departure begins at 4PM sharp!!!

Please feel free to pass this e-mail along to ALL friendly bikers. For all those who will join the after party at Commonwheels Coop in Allston, we will be collecting $5 per person to order pizza and buy beer for all.

Any questions or observations please comment below….
Let’s go CWCoop!!!!!

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