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So we’ve had a pretty busy past couple of weeks, we figured we should update the blog so all the readers in the intertubes can keep up on our happenings!

Along with our Tuesday Open Shops, we’ve been rolling about town on increasingly leisurely Sunday Rides, and every other Saturday you may spot us on the corner of Union Sq in Allston helping run the local Allston Farmer’s Markets.  At the markets we’re fixing bikes (mainly brakes and pumping up tubes) and handing out helmets to folks who want to protect their cranium.

Melissa and Galen hanging out at the Farmer's Market

why we encourage you to always wear a helmet at Commonwheels

We’ve also brought our flat-fixin’ ability to Allston’s hugely successful Do-It-Yourself Fest where we taught a class on how to fix a flat tire.  Check out some photos below.  With big thanks to International Bicycle Center for some seriously generous donations, we were able to hand out tire levers and patch kits to everyone who attended, so hopefully next time they’re on the roads with a flat they can get a little greasy and fix it themselves.

here's how you pop off your tire

here's how you check your tire for glass shards


We’ve got more farmers markets coming up, Aug 6, Aug 20, Sep 3, and Sep 17 (every other Saturday), so if you’re around come by and bring your bike for a quick tune-up (and while you’re at it stick around and buy some awesome tasty produce from some wonderful farmers!)  And keep your eyes peeled for more invitations to our Sunday rides.  If you have any suggestions about routes, send ’em our way!  We want to go where you want to go.

Ride easy out there, Commonwheelers, keep the rubber side down.


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