Commonwheels heads to MIT Museum!

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rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain

Sorry folks, we’re getting rained out today!  we’ll pick this back up next Sunday

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We’d like to invite you on our Sunday ride to the MIT Museum this Sunday, August 7, from 2-8pm.  Come join us for a leisurely bike ride out to Central Sq, leaving the co-op space at 2ishpm, arrive at the museum by 3pm, then we get kicked out at 5pm at which point we’ll head out for some food/drink in Cambridge before returning back to Allston.

The museum costs $3 with a student ID, or $7.50 normal price.  It’s a small fee for an awesome museum!

If you’ve never been to the MIT museum, flip through their exhibitions for some inspiration!  It’ll be an enlightening time.

see you then, Commonwheels Co-Op 2pm Sunday!


Holography Exhibit at the MIT museum

2 Responses to Commonwheels heads to MIT Museum!

  1. I don’t think we’re up for it today judging by the (again) impending rain storm. We are likely to have a thunderstorm around 5pm today, and that might be tricky to organize folks without getting everyone wet. That said, we still recommend you take a rainy ride on your own today, and visit the MIT museum (regardless of our tentative riding nature). Next time we have clear skies on Sunday, we’ll head out as a big ol’ group!

  2. Hi! Is this ride happening this Sunday (8/14)? Sounds like fun

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