April Fools! CW takes over the street with Park(ing) Day in Allston

example from BU's park(ing) day in 2009

CommonWheels is rolling out the bike stands and taking over the streets of Allston Village!

On April 1st (appropriately), CommonWheels is setting up shop right in the heart of Allston, literally at the corner of Harvard and Brighton — We’ve graciously asked the City of Boston to lend us a few of their precious onstreet parking spaces so that we can offer our fine services to the folks in Allston. Just for the day, we are taking over parking spots and replacing them with bike stands, tools, tables, chairs, a few potted plants, some board games, and perhaps a few April Fools jokes.

Starting at noon, we will be offering do-it-yourself bike repair, with a few Fix-A-Flat and Wipe-And-Lube workshops throughout the day. So you can even show up and learn a thing or two about keepin’ that chain lubed and changing that stubborn flat tire! How’s that for “better than a parked car”??

The point is, basically, to show what we can do with a few parking spaces if given the chance. If you haven’t heard of Park(ing) Day before, check out some images of what folks around the world have done: http://tinyurl.com/7mb5a2h
Typically, Park(ing) Day takes place in September every year, but we thought we’d jump the gun, and what better day than April 1st?!

So stop by, hang out for a bit, and give your bike a quick tune up, fools.

Happy Biking,

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  1. It was good to see y’all out there. Saw the pop up park on Harvard Ave too. Looking forward to the next pop up to get my breaks tuned up!

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