Music and Lights Show Bikeride — Fri 6/29

*Update* ‎

we’re meeting up at 8pm in Copley, to leave by 8:30! ending at 11:30 near Marsh Plaza BU on Commonwealth Ave


Another Summer Evening Bike Ride in June!

Join us for a bike ride and concert, hosted around the city, with performances at the various spots and stops. We have a few sets of awesome musicians lined up to perform for our roving bike party — Exact locations and times of shows will be determined soon, and kept secret until night of show/ride.

Ride leaving at 8:30/9pm, leaving from Copley Sq



Keep tuned to this event for updates as we get them!

*Update below:*

from wikipedia
After the yukon gold rush left them penniless, many miners were stranded in alaska and became disillusioned hermits. They rejected society and celebrated themselves in feats of courage including cliff driving and wolf wrestling. In a misinterpretation of native beliefs they began worshiping the bears as symbols of their self-reliance and ferocity.

After several generations, they began believing the bears were in fact manifestations of their ancestors and with proper ritual they too could be resurrected as Kodiaks. After a particularly cold winter, the elk migrations shifted away from the area and the bears coming out of hibernation found little to eat. Members of the cult-like group began self-sacrificing themselves to the starving bears in what was considered the greatest possible act of courage and ancestor tribute. With this ticket to immortal resurrection, all members eventually feed themselves to bears and cult disappeared overnight. The bears survived only to be captured and brought to the prisons of the eastern zoos.

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Lights are being provided with support from Hub Bicycle Co in Cambridge — check out Emily and see how much she rocks!

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