Ride to cliff diving at the ICA!

Art museums provide us an opportunity usually absent from our day-to-day lives: the experience of taking time to seriously engage with works of art. These contemplative spaces prompt us to consider what ideas and modes of expression are valuable to us, and why. As wealthy and influential institutions, art museums can play a role in determining the personality of an entire city, whether it is a place where new ideas and aesthetics develop and grow, or a place for cataloging and enshrining the movements of the past.

Oh, also: they make a kick-ass spot for cliff diving competitions.

What, you hadn’t heard? The Institute of Contemporary Art, conveniently located on Boston Harbor, is the site of a cliff diving competition tomorrow. We have no idea what this has to do with art, but we do know we’re leading a ride from Allston down to the ICA to watch.

The Facebook event is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/377581415648794/

And the details are here:

What: Ride to watch people jump off a museum into the harbor
When: Saturday, August 25th at 1pm
Where: Start at Marsh Plaza on Comm. Ave, end at the ICA (map)
How: Bicycles
Who: You and your friendly neighborhood bike co-op: CommonWheels!

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