Fix-A-Flat and Tighten Your Brakes workshop

Saturday, November 17, 1:30pm!

We’re hosting a “Fix-A-Flat” and “Tighten Your Brakes” workshop to teach light maintenance to keep you safe and rolling (just because, just in case…). We will cover the basics of how to remove your wheels, take off / put on your tire and tube, how to find the appropriate air pressure to keep inflated, and how to locate any holes and punctures so you can repair them. And we’ll cover the easy ways to keep your brakes nice and tight. This will be low-key and hands-on — so be prepared to bring your bike, maneuver tire levers, and pump!

at the:
Harvard Education Portal, in Allston
175 North Harvard Street
Allston MA, 02134

for more info contact:

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