Grrrease Time at POP Allston

For the past few months, we've been partnering with the rad people of Femmechanics, a group of femme and/or trans* and/or women cyclists in Boston. On the first Sunday of every month (1-3pm at POP Allston, 89 Brighton Ave), we host them for Grrrease Time, an Open Shop for people to teach and be taught about bikes in an inclusive space. 

If you identify with that community and haven't checked out any Femmechanics events yet, do yourself a favor and get on it. Not only do they host Grrrease Time (also found at Bikes Not Bombs and Hub Bicycle), but they also host a huge variety of social events, rides, bike camping, workshops, and a yearly alley cat, Babes Bike Boston.

This past Grrrease Time session, we made DIY studded tires! Because it's January, and winter hasn't even started yet and the T is already failing. We followed this guy's advice and process, and they turned out really well. 

Want one of your own? We've got old tires for sale for cheap during our Open Shops. Then you get yourself a couple packs of screws, a drill, put on Netflix for a few hours like you're going to do anyway, and before you know it you're riding in Boston winter like you got four-wheel drive. 

Stay warm out there friends,


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