Bike Education at Jackson Mann School

Our CommonWheels staff is blazing the way at Jackson Mann K-8 School. One of our Program Managers, Sophie, warmed up the bike program by helping Coach Magee last spring, and she has built the fall curriculum off of that initial start. The biking unit will go through October and resume in the spring.

We are developing our approach when educating youth and creating a curriculum that is supportive and accessible to students regardless of their prior experience with biking.  The curriculum does this by creating a range of interdisciplinary access points. During out first two classes we have done ice breakers, team building activities, a package opening activity, assigned each child a bike and helmet, and pumped up the tires. There will be opportunities for students to perform and share biking related writing and art, Bibliocycle the Mobile Boston Public Library bike will be visiting, and we will have interactive relays and opportunities for new riders to develop riding skills in an encouraging space.

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