Open Shop on hold for now, but there are some great events going on around town instead!


Sorry to say we won’t be holding our Open Shop tonight — we have put ’em on hold while the shop restructures its space and while the cold weather really bears down on our frigid little fingertips.  As the building we’re in is slated for demolition come March, we are looking for new and improved digs for 2012, so keep up on this website for future postings (and let us know if you find any open space out there we could move into!).

That said, there’s still PLENTY of activity out there in Boston’s cycling world.  Instead of Open Shop tonight, why not go to the friendly and heated space of LivableStreets Alliance in Cambridgeport to see the 10-in-1 StreetTalk: 70 minutes of presentations with a “social break” in the middle to chat, ask questions, network and discuss presentations.  Check out their description — “Do you want to learn about transit equity and the Silver Line, youth empowerment through cycling, and a Broadway Bikeway and Urban Renewal proposal all in the same night? Come hear innovative transportation research and advocacy stories given by students, advocates, consultants, planners and engineers from around the Boston area. Come enjoy 10, seven minute presentations from case studies as far as Glasgow, Scotland to projects as close to home as Massachusetts Avenue.”  That’s Tuesday, tonight, 6-9pm.


And Wednesday is another great gem of a time, at Giant Cycling World by Fenway Park.  “Mount up on an [awesome Giant racing bike] to race head to head in a stationary sprint! Bikes are wired to Open Sprints racing software so you can see real time data as you power against friend (or foe) next to you. This is the ultimate in stationary bike racing!”  And they’re showing PEE WEES BIG ADVENTURE!!!  Reels: 7:15pm – 9:30pm.  Catch your breath, sit back with a brew and some popcorn, and enjoy a movie with friends.  Register to show up here


Keep an eye to Commonwheels for more updates as events pop up.  If you have any specific issues/needs/tools to use, of course, always email us and we can find a time during the week to open our doors just for you.


Ride Easy Out There, Commonwheelers.



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